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Permanent Makeup Training

Meet The Artist

Ms.Kaye  has been providing exceptional service in the aesthetic skin industry for the past fifteen years and has developed a passion for Permanent Makeup throughout her career. With an impressive array of professional certifications, Ms. Kaye is an expert in her field and dedicated to helping people look and feel their best through her artistry. From working with high-end brands such as Christian Dior and Creme De La Mer to training in Permanent Makeup since 2016, she truly stands out in her profession. 



American Academy of Micropigmentation

INlEI Master  Educator

Phibrows Artist (BBKQUSA6780)

Swiss Color Artist



Esthetician in NYC & NJ

Permanent Makeup Artist in NYC & NJ



La Mer Trained Skin Specialist

Christian Dior Trained Make-up Artist

IT Cosmetics Product Specialist

International Flight Attendant


Meet The Artist

In 2016, she achieved her Master PMU Artist & Trainer accreditation and was certified in the art of Permanent Makeup & Microblading with Swiss Color, PhiBrows, as well as the American Academy Of Micropigmentation. Continuous learning is an underlying theme within Ms Kaye's profession as new technologies arise almost every year as permanent makeup evolves with modern trends; always remaining up-to-date with current techniques helps ensure Ms Kaye can offer guests the success desired from their treatments since being aware ahead of time allows adjustment - if needed - prior delivering treatment solutions . Beyond perfected techniques . She also researches ingredients so there won't be any surprises for our guests regarding comfort levels & effects requested during consultations . When some treatments are required , we strive to offer them knowledge so they understand completely what it entails; this helps guide expectations along before commencing any path once its consulted thoroughly . Last but not least , safety protocols will never be compromised per Regional standards.

Happy woman in a beauty salon makes permanent lip makeup and shows how cool it is. Modern
Cosmetologist making photo of work on mobile phone red permanent make up tattoo on young w
set of drawings, and schemes for permanent make-up wizard.jpg
Microblading master in black rubber gloves with a needle on the manipulator applies pigmen

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