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Young woman doing eyelash lamination procedure in a beauty salon, close-up.jpg

Learn The LASH TREATMENTS from an Expert Trainer &
Be A Certified Person In The Art Of LASH FILLER Services

Why INLEI Lash Lift Training?

Learn the latest professional techniques for Eyelash Lifting safely.


- Get expert advice from experienced and certified professionals.


- Enjoy luxurious treatments in a modern studio environment.


- Achieve beautiful results that last for up to 6 weeks without having to daily apply mascara.


- Receive the highest quality products at affordable prices with a guaranteed satisfaction rate

IMPORTANT: The student is responsible for knowing the proper license to practice in their state; in New Jersey, you must be a cosmetologist or esthetician. 

INLEI Lash Lift Training

Eyelash lifting is a hot new beauty trend that has quickly gained popularity amongst models and celebrities. If you’re a beauty professional looking to take your business to the next level, eyelash lifting could be an excellent add-on treatment for you! Through a combination of training and practice, you can easily learn this skill and offer a unique service to your clients at an affordable cost with a nice profit margin to match.

Explore how to become an expert in eyelash lifting. Training is essential when it comes to mastering eyelash lifting. It usually only takes one day of hands-on training plus four hours of homework study to get fully up-to-speed with this popular beauty trend. Investing in quality training is the best way to ensure that you are performing the treatment correctly and getting good results with each session.In conclusion, becoming an expert in eyelash lifts isn't difficult if you're willing to invest enough time into proper training classes and practice sessions — plus be creative about spreading the word about his service amongst potential customers! Once mastered; Eyelash Lifting can inject new life into any beauty business — delivering stunning results at an affordable cost. 


  • Welcome to InLei Lash Filling

  • Introduction to InLei

  • Biochemistry of the Hair

  • Bleaching and Coloring of the Hair

  • Lash Filler: Essential Information

  • Clinical test of the Lash Filler Treatment

  • InLei Product Description

  • Treatment Procedure

  • Lash Filler Homework


INLEI  LASH LIFT+FILLER & TINT Starter Kit Includes:

$550 WORTH Supplies

  • Shiny Black Tint

  • FORM 1

  • FIX 2


  • TOTAL Curlers

  • Developer Cream

  • HELPER (1 pc)

  • Picasso Brush

  • Solo Bowl

  • Manual

Young woman doing eyelash lamination procedure in a beauty salon, close-up.jpg
Long-lasting styling of the eyebrows procedure.Makeup artist mixes paint with an oxidizer.
Staining, curling, laminating, lash lift. Rollers, hair curlers for eyelashes. Eyelash Ext


✨ Become A Student In Our Prestigious PMU Academy

✨ Become Part Of INLEI Community

✨ Live Demonstration By The Master Artist

✨ Learn From The Master Trainer

✨ $550 Worth Of Complete Starter Kit

✨ Lifetime Guidance & Support

✨ Certificate Of Completion

✨ Huge & Modern Space

✨ Small Class Size

COST: $999 + One Model Included








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